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August 12th, 2016 by J

At an early age, Christina Hendricks was taught by her folks to love all cultures and races and accept differences to live a long and happy life. Everything seemed to flow real smoothly for her as she took this advice when she started her career as an actress when she’s barely 10. She has come to keep friends from all over the world and she enjoys the diversity so much that she likes doing all sorts of things with them. Hendricks took it to heart alright that’s why she’s got variety too when it comes to play. White meat doesn’t cut it anymore and she likes the bigger ones for her wilder playtime. She’s got one of her BBC favorites in this leaked sex tape and she’s riding him raw on that tight ass. Each time she gets jackhammered by this sexy beast, at the back of her head, she can’t help but thank her folks for teaching her that it doesn’t matter if they are black or white as long as she gets rammed in those holes pretty damn good.

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Hailed as the sexiest woman in the world, Christina Hendricks has also been credited for her ‘hourglass figure’ as having the ideal body shape of a woman. Sounded like we got a perfect human being in the form of Christina when it comes to well-endowed, tiny-waist, big and sexy hip women. Though all these are authentic, she is born with blonde hair but started dying it red when she was 10. Now she is one busty redhead invading everyone’s fantasy. Watch as she gets that ass plowed hard and deep by a horny jock in this leaked sex tape.

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This busty redhead must be really good portraying roles on cam but this video will not lie that she ain’t acting and nothing’s scripted while her pussy’s getting fingered or while she’s blowing on a boner and getting banged deep. Nope, it’s just all about her natural slutty self getting unleashed in public. With a hot body like hers and no one can miss those juicy tits that gleefully bounce and peeks through almost all her outfits, she can make anyone run kinky images in their heads as men feel their head go stiff inside their pants.

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But it’s not just her breasts that’s getting all the action though, since she loves spreading those firm stems and ride some hard cock. That pussy looks so yummy as this black dude tastes her, flicking his tongue hard and fast, making her squirm like a helpless lil worm. Returning the favor was when she started mounting this man with his huge boner sticking straight up like a car’s stick shift Christina likes driving. Watch her grind that round ass, making sure the entire man meat’s way inside her, filling her up pretty damn deep. As if on cue, both started moaning and Christina screams and begs to go faster and deeper. This wild woman prefers her cocks huge and black for the very reason that she feels like a friggin’ virgin each time she gets banged by a black man. Makes perfect sense if you ask me, knowing fully well that these black jocks almost always carry a big and heavy load in their pockets.


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September 29th, 2010 by tina

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Sure, she may have been born and raised to be a good Christian in a conservative part of Knoxville, Tennessee, but I think it’s that kind of upbringing that can enhance a person’s sexual appetites so that they grow up into one horny gal or guy.  It’s the repression of her sexuality while growing up that’s probably turned Christina Hendricks into a slut who likes to be fucked for the camera, as these photos show.  She’s clearly enjoying this raunchy fuck session a lot, and not just because that cock plundering her pussy feel so good.

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In these sex sessions she’s smiling at the camera while being banged by her partner, and you know she’s loving everything about this fuckplay.  Top or bottom, anything seems fine with her, and that just makes us love her all the more, doesn’t it?  She clearly had a lot of practice trying to please men in her television role in Mad Men wherein she plays the red-haired siren of the secretarial pool. Check out these hot Christina Hendricks sex photos showing some of the hottest erotic action she’s ever done!

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Now if you like TV’s Mad Men, then you’ve probably fallen for the charms of Christina Hendricks!  She’s a woman unlike most you’ve seen on TV, with bright red hair and a full, buxom figure.  Now where else can you fund such voluptuous females except in a series set in the 60s?  No waif-like underage model types back then, the females were definitely all-woman back in those days.

Well if you like your women with some flesh on them, you’ll absolutely love Christina Hendricks, and you’ll love her even more in these naked photos we have of her!  That’s right, this busty lass has finally done and taken off her clothes for the cameras, though we don’t know who the photographer is for this yummy breast buffet.

It’s probably a close friend, because these nude photos were taken at home in comfortable surroundings, and we even have Christina roleplaying as a sexy office manager, just like her role on Mad Men.  The  only difference is her breasts as unleashed and lying on her desk and she doesn’t have any panties on as she flashes her gash for all her fans.  This is prime girl-meat for all of her fanatics, and we can’t watch her show on TV without masturbating after this!  Now there are lots more nude Christina Hendricks shots out there, but to find it you’ve got to go to this site, which has all of those naughty pics!

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When we say Christina Hendricks, only one thing comes to mind: tits. Tits, jugs, hooters, puppies, breasts, tits. Hers are huge. Humongous even! They are big enough to be countries, continents, globes! The sight of them just takes your breath away and when you see them, you couldn’t help but stare. I mean, Christina Hendricks is beautiful, yes, but her boobs are a totally different story. They attract attention to themselves. No, they don’t rob Christina of her beauty, in fact they are her most beautiful asset. I’m just saying that if you have tits that big, you should do everything to flaunt them – especially if they’re natural. Well, I don’t really know if they’re natural or not, but frankly I don’t really care. All I care about is Christina burying my face into that pair of wonderful tits and that will just leave with a raging hard on (which of course, i’ll take care of when I get home).

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Still not satisfied with all of those hot and sexy naked pictures of Christina Hendricks? Maybe it would be better if you get to see the redhead hottie in action moving and doing her thing other than acting her part on television… and if you get my drift, you bet your bottom dollar that we just have in our possession one of the most elusive and kinkiest sex video of the one and only Christina Hendricks as she gets her hungry love holes plugged and stuffed with the biggest and hardest cocks as she squeals and groans with delight and it is all captured in video and if we had our sleazy fun of watching her get freaky in bed, you too will have a blast watching her get slutty for the first time!

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We just couldn’t believe at first that the rumors about Christina Hendricks so-called nude pictures were circulating in and around cyberspace and we never took second chances about the news and we did our own little searching and it wasn’t for long that we stumbled upon a treasure trove of those steamy goodies and we were just drooling with delight when we got to see Christina butt naked and doing some of the most provocative and sexiest poses that had us stiff in between our legs! Just staring at her bare pair of tits and that succulent pussy will leave you panting and wanting for more!

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