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Christina’s planet tits

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

When we say Christina Hendricks, only one thing comes to mind: tits. Tits, jugs, hooters, puppies, breasts, tits. Hers are huge. Humongous even! They are big enough to be countries, continents, globes! The sight of them just takes your breath away and when you see them, you couldn’t help but stare. I mean, Christina Hendricks is beautiful, yes, but her boobs are a totally different story. They attract attention to themselves. No, they don’t rob Christina of her beauty, in fact they are her most beautiful asset. I’m just saying that if you have tits that big, you should do everything to flaunt them – especially if they’re natural. Well, I don’t really know if they’re natural or not, but frankly I don’t really care. All I care about is Christina burying my face into that pair of wonderful tits and that will just leave with a raging hard on (which of course, i’ll take care of when I get home).

If you want more pictures of the huge tits of Christina Hendricks, just click here and be amazed at them! They are a wonder of the world!